Test driving (or, test-railing) Eurail’s new Rail Planner App

Eurail sent me on a six country jaunt to try out the fancy new Rail Planner app. If you possess even a hint of wanderlust, it’s a dangerous piece of technology: you can infinitely plan hypothetical adventures. IMG_2213 Check out the post at the Eurail Blog: Eurail Blog: Introducing the Rail Planner App If only an app could have prevented me from dropping my iPhone in a snowbank in the Swiss Alps near Pontresina, or from leaving it in a pizzeria in Tirano, Italy. I’m afraid there is not yet an app to correct clumsiness or post-lunch food comas.



Back on the train from Lake Como towards St. Moritz, and trying desperately to stay awake despite the massive pizza al funghi and glass of Verdicchio I just consumed.