Dramatic Writing


While I was living in Prague and missing American comedy (the Czech Republic has excellent theatre and film, but excels a bit more in tragedy) I wrote this 30 Rock spec script, called “Girls, Girls, Girls” that advanced through the awards rounds of the Austin Film Festival.


The script features Jennifer Beals (Flashdance, The L Word) in a cameo role, and one joke about Gerard Ford that was weirdly almost identically replicated on a later episode of 30 Rock.

Tina still hasn’t called me.

Don’t Fake Your Own Death: Shakespeare’s Rules of Love

The discover of Shakespeare’s lost manuscript, The Rules of Love, sends an actress on a quest through his plays to find out where she went wrong––onstage and off.

Running Time: One hour

Cast: 2 Actors (1 F, 1 M)

Click here for an excerpt of the script: Don’t Fake Your Own Death