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  1. Irene

    Hi Sarah, this email just to thank you 🙂 I recently moved to Amsterdam (2 months ago) for working reasons, with my boyfriend. I received the Lonely Planet guide as a gift, and I’m seriously enjoying it. I saw you wrote the most of it, and after searching for you on the web (please, not look at me as a stalker 🙂 ) I read your biography… you’re definitely an interesting person, your life is very similar to my dream life. Anyway, the guide is written very well, and the tips you gave were always useful. Thanks to you I also discovered many cozy and cool places! Thanks for this. Might sound a bit weird, but if by chance you’re back in Ams I’d really love to get a quick coffee with you, I believe you’re an interesting person to talk with 🙂 don’t be scared, I’m just Italian, I NEED to talk 🙂 thanks again, and keep on going, you rock! Wish you the best for your future life. Irene

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